'time apart' debuts on amazon prime


Fans of the science fiction / romance genres can enjoy the latest feature film from Lilydale Films, Time Apart which debuts on Amazon Prime this week.

Starring Australian actors Jana Navarria (Hit), William Prescott (Glitch) and newcomer Samuel Wilson the feature film is moving tale of rediscovering lost love.

Time Apart – Nina (Jana Navarria) is heartbroken when boyfriend Seb (Samuel Wilson) vanishes without a trace. A year later, he reappears – with no knowledge of the missing year. Nina struggles to forgive him – until he dematerialises before her eyes. Reappearing every year for just 24 hours – what does this mean for their future? Time Apart examines the difficulties of long-distance relationships – with a sci fi twist.

The Australian cast is rounded out by Eliza Charley, Carolyn Masson (Vanished) and Siobhan Conners (Romper Stomper).

Time Apart is created and produced by Lilydale Films and filmed on location in Melbourne, Victoria. The feature film is distributed by Indie Rights.