flunk to air on european tv network pickx+


The independently produced Australian YA drama series Flunk is rapidly becoming a sleeper hit – clocking in over 100 million views on YouTube. Currently in its third season, Flunk explores contemporary coming-of-age issues as a group of students navigate the intricacies of high school relationships.


“This season has been our most ambitious yet and we’re thrilled that it’s resonating with audiences,” says producer Melanie Rowland. “The outpouring of support from the audience has been incredible – they’re deeply invested in the storylines, which is reflected in the huge number of comments on every episode.”


The series will also begin screening this month on the Belgian TV Network Proximus, with French and Dutch subtitles. It’s the latest distribution deal for the show, having previously sold to US LGBTQ streamer Here TV.


“There’s a huge fanbase for Flunk in the US, as well as the UK, Asia and South America. It’s been amazing to see our series, produced by a small team in Melbourne, gain so much traction across the globe. We’re thrilled that the show will now reach an even bigger audience in Europe”.

The audience has also gone so far as to create fan art and re-edits, Melanie adds: “The engagement in particular stories has seen fans create their own artwork, re-edits of clips and Tumblr accounts dedicated to their favourite ‘ships’ in the show. The great thing about sitting on YouTube is we’ve been able to adjust the show quite quickly as it’s gone on, integrating feedback and delivering a better tailored series for the fans.”


The Screen Australia and VicScreen backed third season sees newcomer Madison Dell’Aquilla join the ensemble cast including, Caylen Forbes (Romper Stomper), Jessica Li, Madelyn Sheahan (Tomorrow When The War Began) and Holly Monks.


The cast is rounded out with supporting roles from Lin Yin (Love In Bloom), Dominik Shields (Playing For Keeps) and Uisce Goriss-Dazeley (Winners and Losers). Writer Ric Forster (Time Apart, Lifespam) is joined by new writers Phoebe Willems, Mekelle Mills (Zoe Misplaced) and Script Consultant Kevin Roberts (Heartbreak High).